February Fundraising

Some treats from our bake sale

We are incredibly grateful for the generosity we’ve experienced in February! Our crowd funding campaign Be The Key For Mark Marku set out to raise €1,000, an amount needed to cover the costs of sending Irish Innocence Project delegates to support Mark and his family at his appeal March 1st. As well as covering operational costs for the project.

We raised a total of €115 and we want to thank everyone who opened up their hearts and donated! We also hosted a bake sale at Griffith College Dublin, where the Irish Innocence Project operates from, and raised a total of €350!! Thanks to everyone who treated themselves to those extra cakes on the day and helped us reach that fantastic number. If you’ve missed out on our fundraising dates, don’t forget that you can always make a donation through the website, click here to donate now!

As we move into the second half of February our caseworkers are hard at work reviewing cases and many prison visits or meetings with family members are taking place. Meeting with the people whose cases we’re working on, or their family members is incredibly important to progress in our work. We find out information we might not had otherwise known from sitting down and speaking with the person, as oppose to communicating through letters. We also get a chance to speak of things outside of the case, how are they doing? How’s the family holding up? What are they hoping to do in the future? These visits makes all the difference both to the case workers, the people whose cases we’re working on and their loved ones.

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