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It’s finally March and as we’re going towards brighter days, our caseworkers are hard at work on their cases in the hopes for a brighter future of the people who’s cases they’re on.


As we know how hard work our caseworkers put into this we are happy to announce that we’re now making a call for students to apply for the Gerry Conlon Memorial Law and Journalism Justice Student Scholarship Award. The scholarship will be awarded at the Film Festival 27th June 2015 after a special screening of ‘In the name of the father’ with director Jim Sheridan and Gerry Conlon’s family (Get your ticket HERE).


The scholarship is a €500 cash award made possible by CLIO, a software company offering law firms, law clinics and innocence projects a cloud-based storage system for records and documents whose European headquarters are in Dublin. CLIO offers its service to law clinics and innocence projects for free. The scholarship is to be used for academic expenses.


If you’re an undergraduate or post-graduate level student in Ireland who is interested in pursuing human rights, social justice or innocence work as a career, do you know someone who fits that profile? Then you should nominate them by submitting a 1,000 word essay explaining why the candidate deserves the scholarship award as well as a CV, to us at [email protected] by the 6th of April. You can find more information about this in the previous blog post!


The Yankton Daily posted an article on a new bill that is being advanced by lawmakers. You can read the article here! There is currently a three-year window in place between a conviction and the right to have a new trial. With the new bill this window would be removed and a new trial where newly discovered, non-DNA evidence, could be presented. The aim is to prevent wrongful convictions in advance. What are your thoughts on this? Don’t forget that you can like us on


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