June 26, 2015

Light Breakfast / Registration

Griffith College Arthur's Bar

Join is for a light breakfast and registration for the conference

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Welcome and Introduction

Griffith College Auditorium

A welcome from Diarmuid Hegarty the President of Griffith College Ireland

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Opening Address

Griffith College Auditorium

Opening Address Dr. Mary McAleese

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Keynote Address

Griffith College Auditorium

Gareth Peirce, is a former journalist who followed the campaign of Martin Luther King and a British solicitor educated at the University of Oxford and London School of Economics, is best known for her work and advocacy in high-profile cases involving miscarriages of justice. Followed by a morning break

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Innocence: the Seed Planted

Griffith College Auditorium

Barry Scheck and Peter Neufeld co-founded and are Co-Directors of the Innocence Project at the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law. In February 2000, Actual Innocence: Five Days to Execution, and Other Dispatches From the Wrongly Convicted, written by Peter, Barry, and Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times reporter Jim Dwyer, was published by Doubleday. ThisRead More

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The Vocabulary of Innocence

Griffith College Auditorium

David Langwallner is the founder and director of the Irish Innocence Project, at Griffith College which was launched in 2009 and was recognized by the Innocence Network in 2010.

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Innocence as a Worldwide Movement

Griffith College Auditorium

Mark Godsey, JD, is an award-winning teacher, one of the leading scholars on the issue of police interrogations and a nationally-recognized authority on the wrongful conviction of the innocent.   Followed by Lunch at 12:00 pm

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The Toll of Wrongful Convictions

Griffith College Auditorium

Uriah Courtney was wrongfully convicted of kidnapping and rape in San Diego County, California and was sentenced to life imprisonment, serving eight years before he was exonerated and released on June 24, 2013. Julie Marku is an Irish school teacher and the wife of Mark Marku, an Albanian man who has been fighting to proveRead More

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After Care as a Human Right

Griffith College Auditorium

Sonia ‘Sunny” Jacobs and Peter Pringle were each sentenced to death for crimes of which they were innocent. Jacobs was sentenced to death row and spent 17 years in prison in the United States and Pringle was also sent to death row and spent 15 years in prison in Ireland. Both were exonerated after theirRead More

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Balancing the Scales of Justice Through Law and Journalism

Griffith College Auditorium

Stephen Saloom joined the Innocence Project as Policy Director in October 2004. While there, he developed a partnership on state and federal advocacy efforts between the Innocence Project and national Innocence Network called the Innocence Policy Network. By communicating with government officials, partnering with stakeholders, advocating in legislatures, advancing litigation strategies, and educating the mediaRead More

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Afternoon greeting

Griffith College Auditorium

Afternoon greeting The Hon. Mr. Justice Frank Clarke, Supreme Court of Ireland

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An International Perspective

Griffith College Auditorium

An International Perspective from Educator and Student Keith Findley, moderator,David Langwallner, Sharon Beckman, Grace Kelly-Hogan, Sinead McGinley, Tertius van Eeden, Therese Ekevid Followed by a Q & A session

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Relationships that Teach

Griffith College Auditorium

Student, Exoneree, and The World Anne Driscoll, Julie Marku, Katie O’Leary Student, Uriah Courtney and Justin Brooks panelists Followed by a Q & A session

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